Our Coffee and Farmers


Good Earth Exclusive: Cocafelol

ROAST: Light
ORIGINS: La Labour, Honduras
CHARACTERISTICS: Toffee, Apple, Creamy Body, Bright & Well Balanced 
GOOD: Fair Trade, Organic

Much like wine grapes, coffee beans vary widely in taste depending on where they are grown. Instead of blending coffee beans from different sources, our Holiday Feature is from a single region – which allows you to taste the unique characteristics of the region and climate where it was grown. 

Organic Coffee from the top of Honduras

Cocafelol has mouthwatering characteristics and complexity due to the altitude where this coffee is grown. COCAFELOL Cooperative produces its own organic fertilizer using all of the by-products produced during wet milling. They compost and then use this rich fertilizer to feed the plants.

Dried by the sun

Coffee beans are set out in the sun to dry giving them an added sweetness. Sun drying further reduces the co-op’s environmental impact.


The tactile impression or weight of the coffee in the mouth is called body. This weight ranges from thin to medium to full to buttery to syrupy.
Our Holiday Feature Cocafelol is a creamy, full body sensation in your mouth like a “hug” for your taste buds. 

Cooperative Anserma

ROAST: Medium
ORIGINS: Co-op Anserma, Colombia
CHARACTERISTICS: Raisin, Semi-sweet chocolate, Toasted walnut
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified

KSU Rahmat Kinara

ORIGINS: Co-op Anserma, Colombia and KSU Rahmat Kinara, Sumatra
CHARACTERISTICS: Bittersweet chocolate, Rich, Full-bodied
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified


Global Village Espresso

ROAST: Espresso
ORIGINS: Co-op Anserma, Colombia and Madan Estate, Papua New Guinea
CHARACTERISTICS: Dark chocolate, Spicy, Toasted marshmallow
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified


Daterra Estate Decaf

ROAST: Medium
ORIGINS: Daterra Estate, Brazil 
CHARACTERISTICS: Buttery, Caramelized sugar, Dark chocolate, Clean finish
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified