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Meet 3 Inspirational Women in Business

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Meet 3 Inspirational Women in Business

Today is International Women’s Day! A day to both celebrate women’s achievement, and to embrace equity. Hear the stories of three inspirational women within our business to understand what motives and inspires them.

Nan Eskanazi

Nan Eskanazi, founder Good Earth Coffeehouse. Women in business

Founder, Good Earth Coffeehouse

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, coffee was an integral part of Nan’s life. After moving to Calgary, she wanted to create a business that was an extension of her values and lifestyle. Nan and her partner Michael Going founded the first Good Earth Coffeehouse in 1991 and set out to serve exceptional coffee and wholesome food, in an authentic coffeehouse environment.

“Every day, my co-workers and I work to ensure Good Earth remains true to its values and to bring the coffeehouse experience to more people – our customers and also people who want to own their own coffeehouse.”

Nan has learned that ownership is a balance between keeping the spirit of your vision alive and thriving while attending to a myriad of details and decisions. It’s a balance of highs and lows, data and intuition, growth, and setbacks. It’s riding a wave that cannot often be controlled while finding joy and inspiration in that challenge.

It’s a balance of highs and lows, data and intuition, growth and setbacks.

Over the years, Nan developed a blueprint to aid in the ebbs and flows of owning a business, including holding a clear vision of what you want to create. This means asking yourself questions and listening to the answers. Carry humility with you. Your customers, co-workers, and professional support network have a lot to offer you in your business and personal journey. There are places in the journey to sprint, but you probably can’t sprint the entire way. So, find your marathon mindset.

Elisa Cheung

Elisa Cheung, Franchise Partner University of Calgary. Women in Business.

Franchise Partner, Good Earth University of Calgary Locations


Elisa felt entrepreneurial spirit cry out to her and described it as “something you not only believe in, but the length to which you will believe it. For those that have this energy, you will know there is great sacrifice that comes with this and you are grateful still to be able to fulfill this need.” This calling combined with her love to watch things grow and deep love for human connect lead her to opening two Good Earth Coffeehouse locations in the University of Calgary.

“Great stories have been created by merely starting with a cup of coffee. How could anyone have truly lived without at least one great one?”

Over the years, she’s learned there is no typical day and not everything goes to plan yet being ready to adapt is key.  She remembers to laugh, embraces the chance to learn and celebrates even the small wins. Like anything worth doing, the process of operating a small business has not always come easy.

Elisa’s personal mantra is, “The energy you put out is the environment you create.” This gentle reminder encourages her to be grateful for whatever the universe may throw her way. The good, bad, right and wrong will pass with time so be grateful for it all.

The energy you put out is the environment you create

For Elisa, being able to build her business up has been a journey of small victories over time and gives great thanks to her diverse team that all experience passion for something shared. She remains grateful for this both this diversity, acceptance, and sense of togetherness they have crafted.

Kerry Bennet

Kerry Bennet, owner of Care Bakery. Women in Business.

Owner, Care Bakery


Kerry wanted to be a business owner since she was 21 with dreams of owning her own restaurant, but there was a gap in the market for high quality gluten free breads and due to her own dietary restrictions this prohibited her from eating in her favourite restaurants. Fixing that gap is what motivated her to open Care Bakery.

“Developing gluten free breads shaped my career and life. I was immersed in educating restaurants and changing my own desire to stay within the restaurant industry, which has always been my love and passion.”

After 13 years of running Care Bakery, Kerry has learned to wear many different hats between sales, accounting, production, staffing and food safety, everyday looks different. She remains grounded throughout the days by her bracelet that says “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”. She say’s she may not always be perfect at it, but it’s a good reminder to look down and keep the thought close in her brain.

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground

Kerry’s always had an affinity for water, and this year she started polar plunging with friends, to keep her feeling amazing. The mental and physical challenge that’s required to focus on only that challenge has become meditative, allowing you to let everything else go and to be present in the moment.

Check out Care Bakery’s website to learn more or follow them on social media @carebakery.

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