Cachoeira da Grama

We're excited to share our new feature coffee with you: Cachoeira da Grama, our exclusive single origin from Brazil.

About this Coffee
The Carvalho Dias Family grows their coffee in rich, volcanic soil and partial shade in the Minas Gerais region. The region is known for spectacular waterfalls, thus the name Cachoeria – waterfall in Portuguese.

Cachoeira da Grama is a yellow bourbon coffee bean, pulped natural and given a light roast.

Flavour Profile
Aroma: Walnut, milk chocolate
Taste: Black currant, milk chocolate
Mouth Feel: Heavy, full body
Finish: Easy

About Cachoeira de Grama
The Cachoeira da Grama coffee plantation is 165 hectares. Everything is done manually on this farm since its topography does not allow any kind of mechanization. The farm has a program of planting native species of trees to maintain a better ecological balance. The Carvalho Dias family considers social and environmental sustainability to be very important.

It's about Tradition
Cachoeira da Grama has been in the Carvalho Dias family since 1890 and recently celebrated its 109th crop. Some of the original Bourbon varietal trees are as much as 107 years old.

Taking care of the people
On the farm there are 47 houses, all with modern facilities. There is also a school, a club and an official-size soccer field for the employees and workers.

Yellow when ripe
The fruit of the bean is a beautiful golden colour when it’s ready to be harvested. The plants are fragile and don’t produce as many cherries as some other varieties, but they’re worth the effort.

It's about the taste
The coffee will taste smooth, classic and bring a retro taste to your cup. Easy sipping that leads to that AHHHH moment in the morning! This is the perfect morning coffee sip that will get the day started on the right foot.