Our Cold Brew is back! Come in and enjoy a Craft Cold Brew or one of our new Cold Brew Drinks.

Cold Brew Julep​
Our Craft Cold Brew, slightly sweetened and muddled with fresh mint and lime.

Coconut Cold Brew
Bold Cold Brew with coconut milk and a hint of sweetness.

Craft Cold Brew ​
Smooth and intense, slow brewed in small batches.

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What is Cold Brew?
Our Craft Cold Brew is made in small batches using our Dark Roast coffee.  The freshly ground coffee is soaked in cold water for 12 hours, allowing the grounds to steep. This brewing method creates a coffee that is very different from our Real Iced Coffee or iced versions of our espresso drinks. Because the coffee grounds never come into contact with heated water, a different flavour profile is achieved.

How does Cold Brew taste?
Because there is no heat used to brew, our Craft Cold Brew tastes:

  • Less acidic
  • More rounded and fuller bodied
  • Sweeter

Is there more caffeine in a Cold Brew drink?
Craft Cold Brew has less caffeine than traditional brewing because heat is not used.