Help us combat climate change

From the beginning, environmental responsibility has been a core pillar of our beliefs at Good Earth Coffeehouse. It seems like every day we hear new information on the effects of climate change, and the increased urgency with which we must act. Climate change is affecting everything from glacier size, to wildlife populations. Even our love for coffee and tea can be affected, with coffee and tea crops being some of the most affected. 
But it’s not all bad news. Recent studies have determined that the most effective way to combat climate change is also one of the simplest: plant more trees. 
That’s why we’ve decided to partner with TreeEra. For every bag of coffee sold we will donate 15¢ towards planting trees in Canada. To date, TreeEra has planted over 68,000 trees, with a goal of planting over 1 billion trees. We want to be a part of that, and it takes a community to make it happen.
Be a part of the change. Come in to a location near you and buy a bag of beans. Or visit to learn more and plant some trees of your own!

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