Our choices affect the world. Here are a few things we can do together:

Drink Ethical Coffee
Drink ethically sourced coffee from farms that promote sustainability – supporting farmers who are doing good things for the environment and their communities. We seek out farms where environmental sustainability is practiced. We look for a variety of certifications and criteria for our coffee, including  Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, ethically traded, and Shade Grown, and establish direct trade with farmers to help improve communities where coffee is grown. Enjoy a cup of something good!

Plant Trees
Take home a bag of coffee and help plant trees! Trees soak up carbon like nobody’s business. So with every bag of coffee you buy, we make a donation to TreeEra to plant trees in Canada.


Compost as Much as Possible
Compost our cups, hot containers, straws and bags! Let’s continue to advocate for compostable materials and composting facilities to reduce landfill waste. If you garden at home, grab some coffee grounds to kickstart your own compost.


To thank you for helping reduce single-use packaging, we’ll fill it for the price of a small (up to 20 oz). Don’t have a mug? Buy one and we’ll fill it for free! For now, in accordance with our COVID-19 Response Plan, we cannot accept personal mugs - but don’t worry, show us your personal mug and we’ll still give you a large for the price of a small! 

Reduce Single-Use Packaging
We keep packaging to a minimum at Good Earth.  We look for recycled content, recyclability, compostability, and minimizing impact when making packaging choices.