We're excited to share our new feature coffee with you: Finca La Laja, our honey process single origin from Mexico.

About this Coffee
Finca La Laja is grown in the Huatusco region of Mexico by the Sampieri family. La Laja is committed to quality, traceability, and environmental respect. They have created standards and controls for:
• Farm reforestation
• Endangered species preservation
• Water conservation
• Recycling & Composting

Flavour Profile
Aroma: Citrus, brown sugar
Taste: Mandarin orange, black tea & caramelized sugar
Mouth Feel: Juicy, bright & sweet
Finish: Light, balanced

What is Honey Processed Coffee?
Honey process is a method in which coffee cherries are picked, sorted, and have the skin of the coffee cherry removed without removing the sweet mucilage (the honey!) underneath. The sticky, sweet layer of the fruit is left on the bean while it's drying. The natural sugars concentrate and seep into the bean itself, creating the unusual and naturally sweet cup profile.
Yellow-honey process is good for the environment since it is less water intensive than traditional washed coffees AND it brings character to the coffee. Come in and try some for yourself!