We're excited to share our new feature coffee with you: La Flor del Café, our exclusive light roast from Peru.

About this Coffee
La Flor del Café is grown in the Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas region of Peru by the La Flor del Café Producer Group. This exclusive to Good Earth is Fair Trade and Certified Organic. It's also part of the Todos al Agua - Peru project, supporting water conservation and climate change resiliency in Amazonas, Peru.

Flavour Profile
Aroma: Orange, roasted almonds, caramel
Taste: Balanced, sweet, stone fruit, cocoa
Mouth Feel: Medium body, syrupy
Finish: Clean, sweet, citrus

About Todos Al Agua, Peru

Todos al Agua is an RGC 3E Sustainability Program that supports farmers in water conservation and climate change resiliency. Todos al Agua works collaboratively to develop and implement solutions in four primary axes: Community, Soil, Forests, and Water. The program was first piloted in Anserma, Colombia in 2019 and was later established in Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, Peru, where the program currently supports 145 farmers, with 870 total beneficiaries. Todos al Agua, Peru has achieved amazing results, supporting communities in Amazonas, Peru and helping them secure a more prosperous and sustainable future. 

Just a few of the achievements the project has reached:
• 25 composting pulp systems have been installed which have dramatically improved water conditions.
• 315 people have been trained in environmental best practices.
• Planted over 65,000 native trees across the community.
• 240 soil best practices have been implemented by producers.

Good for the environment, and delicious? La Flor del Café truly is a cup of good. Come in and try some for yourself!