Our Coffee and Farmers

Cachoeira da Grama

Good Earth Exclusive: Cachoeira da Grama

ROAST: Light
CHARACTERISTICS: Sweet, Black Currant, Milk Chocolate
GOOD: Dirtect Trade, Single Origin, Rain Forest Alliance Certified

About this Coffee
The Carvalho Dias Family planted their first trees in the 1890s. Ever since, the family has run the farm with a focus on producing some of Brazil’s finest specialty coffee. Hand-picked on a high altitude mountainside, the coffee cherries are slowly and evenly dried on the farm’s large patios. This process is what gives the coffee its sweet, chocolate-forward flavour and consistency. We share a sense of social responsibility with Cachoeira de Grama, and the idea that coffee can be a vehicle for positive change in the world. The farm is powered by its own hydroelectric plant, it collects and treats waste water and it goes out of its way to ensure that its workers, and their families, are well taken care of.   

Cooperative Anserma

ROAST: Medium
ORIGINS: Co-op Anserma, Colombia
CHARACTERISTICS: Raisin, Semi-sweet chocolate, Toasted walnut
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified

KSU Rahmat Kinara

ORIGINS: Co-op Anserma, Colombia and KSU Rahmat Kinara, Sumatra
CHARACTERISTICS: Bittersweet chocolate, Rich, Full-bodied
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified


Global Village Espresso

ROAST: Espresso
ORIGINS: Co-op Anserma, Colombia and Madan Estate, Papua New Guinea
CHARACTERISTICS: Dark chocolate, Spicy, Toasted marshmallow
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified


Daterra Estate Decaf

ROAST: Medium
ORIGINS: Daterra Estate, Brazil 
CHARACTERISTICS: Buttery, Caramelized sugar, Dark chocolate, Clean finish
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified