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We are currently seeking an Office Manager and a Director of Franchise Recruitment.  Interested?  Please scroll down to learn more.

Michael Going 

Founder & CEO
Favourite drink: Americano with a splash of cold water to bring the temperature down. French press, black for feature coffees.

Nan Eskenazi 

Favourite drink: French press of Dark Roast every morning and a Flat White made with whole milk, for a pick me up.

Gerry Docherty

President & COO
Favourite drink: Drip coffee in the morning…the Good Earth Feature Coffee because I can taste the passion that went into getting  to that final cup. Black but not filled to the top because I will spill a full cup 100% of the time!

Cristy Laing

Director of Training
Favourite drink: Americano, black for the rich intense flavour.  But for a treat a latte with 1 sugar in the raw not stirred, just sitting on top to enjoy that last sweet sip!

Wendy Winder

National Director of Marketing
Favourite drink: My go to coffee is an Americano Misto with skim milk and a dusting of sugar in the raw on top. On occasion, I like to treat myself to a whole milk Caffe Latte.

JV Finlayson

Regional Manager 
Favourite drink: Dark Roast French Press in the morning and Americano’s on the go.

Ralph Bell

Senior Accountant
Favourite drink: A cup of our Cooperative Anserma Medium Roast.

Rhonda Hoover

Accounting Coordinator
Favourite drink: Depending on the day, I’m always mixing it up!  It could be an Earl Grey Latte,Iced Coconut Chai, or simply our Cooperative Anserma Medium Roast.  Black… so I can enjoy the rich smooth flavor!

Erin Lund

Menu & Supply Chain Manager
Favourite drink: I like the variety of drinking our ever-changing Feature Coffee, black.  As a treat I am addicted to the Banana Latte Frappe!

Kari Ginakos

Corporate Chef
Favourite drink: I like the Medium Roast black usually half a cup at a time so it stays nice and hot but for a treat I'll go for a whole milk Vanilla Caffe Latte or Rooibos Vanilla Latte with almond milk.

Donovan Vienneau

Regional Manager
Favourite drink: I have a genuine love affair with coffee... From Medium Roast to High Test. All my coffees I prefer black to taste all the flavour profiles. On occasion I do like to treat myself to a Roobios tea over ice with a single shot of strawberry!


Opportunities at Good Earth Coffeehouses

At Good Earth Coffeehouses, we encourage our baristas and foodistas to travel throughout Good Earth with a sense of adventure, to learn as much as possible, taste all the food and drink, adopt the local customs, appreciate the differences in the people encountered, and be open to new experiences. In a nutshell, travel with a sense of wonder.  Are you looking for a job or career like this? If so, we encourage you to pick up an application form at any Good Earth Coffeehouse and apply in person.

We always welcome resumes and letters of interest for our Corporate Leadership Team. Currently we are seeking an Office Manager and a Director of Franchise Recruitment.  Please reply with your resume to info@goodearthcoffeehouse.com.