Feature coffee

The Embogo, the unique wild buffalo of Uganda, stands strong and undeterred. Much like its namesake, this coffee embodies both strength and diversity, growing in high elevations ranging from 1,300 to 2,000 meters above sea level. The result is a truly unique flavor profile, characterized by citrus and floral notes with a silky winey punch.

Embogo’s distinct flavor, shaped by the diverse landscapes of its coffee-producing region, is ensured through by prioritizing accessibility and high quality. The exceptional coffee quality is attributed to the high altitudes and fertile soil of the growing regions, with sustainability efforts supporting 8,000+ farmer households through GAPs training and certifications.

Flavour profile

Aroma: Citrus, Floral
Taste: Citrus, Floral with silky winey punch
Mouth Feel: Smooth
Finish: Bittersweet, tangy

About this coffee

During harvest, farmers handpick ripe cherries, which undergo careful sorting and quality checks before being transported to raised drying beds. Sustainability initiatives extend to Western Uganda, where investments in washing stations and infrastructure are boosting the region’s coffee production. With new washing stations, infrastructure development, and personnel training, optimal quality is ensured. Collaboration with the FarmerHub program and the Kahawatu Foundation enhances farmers’ access to resources and training.

In Western Uganda, near the Rwenzori Mountains, we pioneer efforts to enhance coffee production infrastructure, aiming to match the quality of popular East African varieties. Our strategy focuses on improving harvesting techniques, providing real-time feedback to farmers. Future steps include enhancing access to materials, promoting better farming practices, and training skilled washing station staff, demonstrating our commitment despite the time it takes.

Uganda, home to native Robusta species, boasts a rich coffee production history dating back to the early 20th century. Our commitment to quality improvement extends through partnerships, positioning Western Ugandan coffees alongside other renowned East African varieties.