Does Good Earth offer any training?

Yes! Our Training Program equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to operate your Good Earth Coffeehouse. Training is a combination of online and in-person sessions. The cost of our Training Program is included in the franchise fee, other than travel-related expenses.

How are new Good Earth Coffeehouse locations selected?

Our real estate strategy is in keeping with how we operate Good Earth. Simply put, we believe in quality. We pursue prime locations with great exposure to pedestrians and/or vehicle traffic, and easy access for customers.

Can I choose my location?

We want to match you with the best location available! Check out our Locations Available for Franchise. If you don’t see a location in your area, let us know and we’ll find a great site for your Good Earth Coffeehouse. If you have a location in mind, we’d love to chat about it.

Who designs and builds the new Coffeehouse?

A good coffeehouse is a comfortable and inviting place. We design each Good Earth Coffeehouse to suit its surroundings and set the stage for an authentic coffeehouse experience. The Franchise Partner signs a Construction Management Agreement and pays for the design, construction, furniture, fixtures, equipment and other materials and services associated with build-out of the location. Coordination and management of the construction process is provided by Good Earth’s experienced development team.

Who sets up and opens the Coffeehouse?

Our experienced Operations team commissions each new store with the Franchise Partner. This is done in advance of opening and includes setting up the store, receiving initial inventories, and training staff. The Franchisee hires staff and trains them during the commissioning period.

What are the Royalty and Marketing Fees?

Royalties are remitted to the Franchisor on a weekly basis at the rate of 7% of gross sales. The National Marketing Fund contribution is made on a weekly basis at the rate of 3% of gross sales. In addition to this contribution, each Franchise Partner is required to spend an additional 1-2% of sales on approved Local Store Marketing activities.

What are Royalty and Marketing fees used for?

Royalties and Marketing Fees provide for:
Ongoing use of Good Earth Cafes Ltd. Trademarks and Operating System
Operational Field Support
Purchasing Program
Product Research and Development
Ongoing Training
National Marketing Program
Local Marketing Guidance
Communication Programs/Platforms

What is the typical investment?

The Good Earth franchised operation typically requires a total investment of approximately $385,000 to $595,000 (exclusive of GST). This includes the $35,000 franchise fee. The exact amount will vary with each location depending on several factors including the exact size of the store, improvements provided by the Landlord, and other circumstances. Financing is generally available through Canadian lending institutions by way of a Small Business Loan. Although the full amount of the investment may be available to an applicant by way of a loan, Good Earth Cafes Ltd. will not approve a candidate unless they have a minimum of 30% of the total in cash to invest in the business. We believe this level of investment is required so a franchisee does not embark in the business with an unreasonable debt load.

What are my next steps?

Contact us using the Get InTouch link or Request Franchise Information tab just to get things rolling. Once you have submitted your Franchise Application Form, we invite you to meet with us to discuss Good Earth opportunities in detail. We can talk via phone, in person or via webinar. It’s that easy. We’re looking forward to meeting you!