Our Coffee and Farmers


Good Earth Exclusive: Café Monteverde

ROAST: Medium
CHARACTERISTICS: Sweet orange, Milk Chocolate, Medium Body, Smooth Acidity 
GOOD: Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Organic

Shade Grown
Monteverde coffee is shade grown at an altitude of 1,400–1,800 meters in northern Peru. Mature red cherries are harvested to ensure a greater concentration of sugars. The outcome is a bean that creates a smooth and well-balanced coffee. From the Andes to your cup, our Cafe Monteverde is the perfect ratio of sweetness to acidity.

Cloud Forests
Cloud forests are tropical forests that prominently feature a layer of dense fog at the canopy level. This Peruvian coffee grows in the cloud forest region where the shade from the clouds allows the bean to mature slowly, adding complexity and great flavours to the cup.

Peru is the fifth largest coffee exporting country in the world, but the largest producer and exporter of Fairtrade and Organic coffees.


Cooperative Anserma

ROAST: Medium
ORIGINS: Co-op Anserma, Colombia
CHARACTERISTICS: Raisin, Semi-sweet chocolate, Toasted walnut
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified

KSU Rahmat Kinara

ORIGINS: Co-op Anserma, Colombia and KSU Rahmat Kinara, Sumatra
CHARACTERISTICS: Bittersweet chocolate, Rich, Full-bodied
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified


Global Village Espresso

ROAST: Espresso
ORIGINS: Co-op Anserma, Colombia and Madan Estate, Papua New Guinea
CHARACTERISTICS: Dark chocolate, Spicy, Toasted marshmallow
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified


Daterra Estate Decaf

ROAST: Medium
ORIGINS: Daterra Estate, Brazil 
CHARACTERISTICS: Buttery, Caramelized sugar, Dark chocolate, Clean finish
GOOD: Rainforest Alliance Certified