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Meet 5 Inspirational Women in Business

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Meet 5 Inspirational Women in Business

Invest In Women

Today is International Women’s Day! A day to both celebrate women’s achievement, and to embrace equity. This year the theme is ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ serving as a reminder that gender equality is one of the most effective ways to build healthier, more prosperous, and more inclusive communities.

In celebration of this year’s theme, we’re highlighting the stories of five inspirational women within our business, exploring what motivated their journeys and how they navigate the diverse roles women embody.

Aarti Singh

Franchise Partner, Good Earth Coffeehouse in Calgary, AB.


Aarti draws inspiration from her mother, a successful entrepreneur who navigated the challenges of owning her own business with grace and unwavering confidence. Witnessing her mother excel in a male-dominated industry empowered Aarti to also defy stereotypes and strive for success without limits. She also taught her the importance of resilience and to view setbacks as opportunities for growth. Aarti carries these lessons daily while aspiring to continue the legacy of female entrepreneurship and pass along the same beliefs to her daughter.

“I aspire for my own daughter to believe that gender should never be a barrier.”

Recently relocating to Canada, Aarti’s days are a whirlwind of adapting to new routines while balancing various roles—mother, wife, daughter, and professional. Starting at 6 am, she manages morning routines and school drop-offs before immersing herself in her role at Good Earth Coffeehouse in Bridgeland Calgary. In the café, Aarti enjoys getting to know her customers while being involved in her community. Afternoons keep her busy with kid’s activities and quality time with her family before her day ends with some relaxation time. Aarti describes her days as a fulfilling blend of work and family.

It’s always impossible until it’s done

Aarti finds motivation in the quote “It’s always impossible until it’s done” from Nelson Mandela, inspirational leader and former president from her home country, South Africa. His words serve as a reminder to push past doubts and limitations, embracing the potential for success despite obstacles.

Sarah Walsh

Franchise Partner, Good Earth Coffeehouse in Sudbury, ON.


Sarah always dreamed of being her own boss and through her partner Tim she saw how fulfilling that dream can be. Motivated by her desire for flexibility and to be a role model for her children, she took the leap into entrepreneurship leaving her stable nursing career behind after nine years. Despite the daunting transition, choosing to pursue her dream has revealed to Sarah the depth of her strength as a woman.

“I wanted to become a role model for my children showing them that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.”

A typical day in Sarah’s life starts by getting her two sons ready for school and daycare then she’s off to her Good Earth Coffeehouse in Sudbury. Once at the café she works on accounting, managing inventory, and helping her staff out in the front as much as needed. Sarah arrives back home to meet the bus and do daycare pick-ups then get dinner ready. Once the kids are ready for bed, she’ll settle down for the night with some reality TV and a cup of Good Earth tea.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Sarah finds inspiration in Walt Disney’s quote “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” as often taking a leap and doing something that scares you can lead to great things and shows amazing bravery.

Rabeeah Bilwani

Franchise Partner, Good Earth Coffeehouse in Toronto, ON.


Growing up, Rabeeah envisioned herself pursuing a career in science, however, during her time at university, she realized that her personality and thirst for independence resonated more with business-related majors and chose to pursue a career in Human Resources. Her journey into entrepreneurship was later sparked by her desire to be innovative, contribute to her community and maintain her autonomy and independence.

“I was inspired by other female entrepreneurs like Anne Wojcicki and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw that were just like me looking to do something different.”

For Rabeeha, the work day begins at 5:00 am when she arrives at Good Earth Coffeehouse in Downtown Toronto where she oversees her staff, handles administrative tasks, and ensures seamless operations of her café. Rabeeha then takes on the role of a mother as the mornings are usually taken care of by her husband. The evenings are filled with her daughters’ extracurricular activities, a refreshing 30-minute wellness walk and quality time watching a TV show with her family.

Empowered Women Empower Women

Rabeeha finds inspiration in the saying “Empowered women empower women.” She does what she does today to empower her daughters, friends, and fellow women to chase their dreams, find success, and embrace happiness. She believes in the ripple effect of well-being, nurturing our own happiness to create a positive environment that uplifts those around them

Nan Eskenazi

Nan Eskanazi, founder Good Earth Coffeehouse. Women in business

Founder, Good Earth Coffeehouse

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, coffee was an integral part of Nan’s life. After moving to Calgary, she wanted to create a business that was an extension of her values and lifestyle. Nan and her partner Michael Going founded the first Good Earth Coffeehouse in 1991 and set out to serve exceptional coffee and wholesome food, in an authentic coffeehouse environment.

“My passion has always been brand development, marketing and of course great coffee!”

Nan starts her mornings with a French Press of Good Earth’s Global Village Espresso and a long walk with her dog before heading into the office. Her days are filled with working to ensure Good Earth remains true to its values and to bring the coffeehouse experience to more people including both customers and people who want to own their own coffeehouse.

It’s a balance of highs and lows, data and intuition, growth and setbacks.

Over the years, Nan has learned that ownership is a balance between keeping the spirit of your vision alive and thriving while attending to a myriad of details and decisions. It’s a balance of highs and lows, data and intuition, growth, and setbacks. It’s riding a wave that cannot often be controlled while finding joy and inspiration in that challenge.

Jennifer Commins

Founder, Pluck Teas

Jennifer is a Certified Tea Sommelier and lifelong tea lover who founded Pluck Tea the award-winning Toronto-based tea company back in 2012. Her vision was to create a brand that focused on freshness, quality, and sustainability.

“I am a ‘fixer’ by nature and the lack of thoughtful and creative infusions on restaurant menus lead me to create Pluck with the hopes of ‘fixing restaurant tea’.”

Jennifer starts most days off with a 5K walk with her sheepdog Molly, followed by a matcha latte and steel-cut oatmeal before heading to Pluck HQ. Mornings involve team updates and correspondence, while afternoons include tea tastings and field visits with customers. Jennifer enjoys being on-site at the various restaurants Pluck partners with, whether creating new menu items or conducting Tea 101 training sessions. As an avid and adventurous cook, most evenings you’ll find Jennifer in her home kitchen preparing dinner for the family, then unwinding with reality TV or a bubble bath.

It’s all about the bounce

Jennifer finds motivation in the saying It’s all about the bounce: The further you might fall, the higher you may bounce. Learning resilience from her previous business ventures enabled Jennifer to navigate the various challenges brought on by the pandemic allowing her to bounce even higher.  Jennifer is proud to say that Pluck Tea is stronger than ever thanks to their loyal customer base and incredible team.

Check out Pluck’s website to learn more or follow them on social media @PluckTeas.

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