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How to Reduce Carbon Footprint: 6 Ways to Reduce Emissions

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How to Reduce Carbon Footprint: 6 Ways to Reduce Emissions

reduce carbon emissions with trees

Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint this Earth Month? We’ve compiled a list of easy everyday solutions to help reduce your overall carbon footprint.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions. The average Canadian emitted 14.86 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2021. Canada has some of the highest per capita emissions worldwide, with the average Canadian emitting roughly three times the global average each year. [1]

Why is it important to reduce your carbon footprint?

Reduces Air Pollution

The increase use of carbon emissions leaks into our air decreasing the overall quality of air and resulting in long term health problems for individuals. [2]

It’s Good for Animals and Plants

Many animals and plants are already feeling the effects of global warming far more than we realize with rising temperatures and more extreme weather events, animals are living in habitats that are changing faster than they can adapt. [3]

Carbon Footprint and the Environment

The growing patterns of plants are changing due to rising temperatures causing indigenous vegetation to move towards cooler climates. Rising sea levels will not only erode shorelines and destroy ecosystems, but coastal cities and towns could be displaced.[4]

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Minimize Energy Waste

Shut off lights, air conditioning, and electrical appliances when you aren’t in a room and use heat and air conditioning sparingly. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs, which will not only help the planet but help your electricity bill, too.

Plant Trees

Trees aid in the absorption of carbon dioxide reducing the overall amount of carbon emissions released into our atmosphere. Help to combat deforestation by planting trees in your local area.

Conserve Water

Consider taking shorter showers and keeping the water off while you brush your teeth. You can collect rain water for plants and gardens to minimize water waste.

Reduce Waste

Reuse your packaging, recycle it and if this is not possible, dispose of it in the appropriate container. You can conserve paper and plastic by using reusable canvas shopping bags.

Buy Locally Grown Produce

Support those around you consider stopping by your local farmers market for some fresh locally grown produce. If you have a green thumb consider starting your own garden.

Consider Your Transportation Choices

Walking or riding a bike not only reduces your carbon footprint, it brings health benefits. If living car free is not possible, consider cutting back on emissions while driving by accelatring slowly and using the air conditioning sparingly. Check your tires for better fuel economy and car pool when possible.

Be Good to the Earth

Our commitment to the environment runs deep in our company history. At Good Earth Coffeehouse we strive to make sound business decisions with your environmental impact in mind. We believe that we have a responsibility to be good to the earth and that together we can make change.

Drink ethically sourced coffee

Drink ethically sourced coffee from farms that promote sustainability – supporting farmers who are doing good things for the environment and their communities. We seek out farms where environmental sustainability is practiced. We look for a variety of certifications and criteria for our coffee, including Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, ethically traded, and Shade Grown, and establish direct trade with farmers to help improve communities where coffee is grown. Enjoy a cup of something good!

Plant trees

Take home a bag of coffee and help plant trees! Trees soak up carbon like nobody’s business. So with every bag of coffee you buy, we make a donation to TreeEra to plant trees in Canada.

Compost as much as possible

Compost our cups, hot containers, straws and bags! Let’s continue to advocate for compostable materials and composting facilities to reduce landfill waste. If you garden at home, grab some coffee grounds to kickstart your own compost.

BYOC – Bring your own cup!

To thank you for helping reduce single-use packaging, we’ll fill it for the price of a small (up to 20 oz). Don’t have a mug? Buy one and we’ll fill it for free!

Reduce single-use packaging

We keep packaging to a minimum at Good Earth. We strive to find the most environmentally friendly packaging options available, from recyclcble coffee cup & hot food container lids, recyclable plastic cups & lids, to compostable paper food packaging, paper cups and food containers. Even our tea is composted, and our Grounds for your Garden program eliminates waste while giving your garden a boost.

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