Our Coffee and Farmers

Cachoeira da Grama

Good Feature Roast: Yirgacheffe Ethiopia

ROAST: Light
REGION: Sidamo
FARM: Chelbessa Washing Station 
PROFILE: Aroma: Mandarin orange, sugar cane   Taste:  Bergamot, lemonade  Mouth feel: Syrupy, medium / heavy body  Finish: Clean, sweet & lingering
About this Coffee
The Yirgacheffe micro-region is revered for its quality, consistency and history. Here, most farmers measure their land by trees rather than hectares, and transport coffee cherries down to the Chelbessa Washing Station by foot or mule. The organic cultivation of heirloom varieties produces an exquisite coffee. 

Cooperative Anserma

REGION: Caldas, Colombia
FARMS: Co-op Anserma
VARIETAL: Castillo
PROFILE: Aroma: Brown Sugar  Taste: Semi-sweet chocolate, toasted walnut  Mouth feel: Medium body, juicy  Finish: Sweet, lingering

Grupo Rio Azul

REGION: Huehuetenango, Guatemala, Caldas, Colombia, and Cerrado, Brazil
FARMS: Grupo Rio Azul, Co-op Anserma & Co-op Cooxupe
VARIETAL: Mixed Arabica
PROCESS: Pulped natural & Washed
PROFILE: Aroma: Dark chocolate, molasses  Taste: Bittersweet chocolate, dark caramel  Mouth feel: Creamy, rich  Finish: Roasted nut 

Global Village Espresso

REGION: Caldas, Colombia, Cerrado, Brazil, and Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea
FARMS: Co-op Anserma, Madan Estate & Daterra Estate
VARIETAL: Castillo, Bourbon, Blue Mountain
PROCESS: Washed & Natural
PROFILE: Aroma: Smoky  Taste: Dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow  Mouth feel: Heavy, full body  Finish: Easy, dried fruit, clean


Daterra Estate Decaf

REGION: Cerrado, Brazil
FARMS: Daterra Estate
PROCESS: Washed 
PROFILE: Aroma: Caramel  Taste: Dark chocolate, buttery, caramelized sugar  Mouth feel: Full body  Finish: Clean