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Cachoeira da Grama

Good Earth Exclusive: Azalea Costa Rica

REGION: Central Valley, Costa Rica
VARIETALS: Caturra & Catuai

PROFILE: Aroma: Sweet caramel  Taste: Citrus, brown butter, vanilla & black tea  Mouth feel: Well-rounded, medium body  Finish: Nutty & Clean

About this Coffee
Azalea is grown on micro-lot farms that rise above Costa Rica's Central Valley. Azalea includes coffee from nearly 2,000 local multi-generational farmers, most producing less than 20 bags per year. This means every micro-lot offers its own unique characteristics. Volcanic soil combined with the dry, Pacific climate and two distinct seasons allow for the perfect development of the coffee cherries.

Cooperative Anserma

REGION: Caldas, Colombia
FARMS: Co-op Anserma
VARIETAL: Castillo
PROFILE: Aroma: Brown Sugar  Taste: Semi-sweet chocolate, toasted walnut  Mouth feel: Medium body, juicy  Finish: Sweet, lingering

Grupo Rio Azul

REGION: Huehuetenango, Guatemala, Caldas, Colombia, and Cerrado, Brazil
FARMS: Grupo Rio Azul, Co-op Anserma & Co-op Cooxupe
VARIETAL: Mixed Arabica
PROCESS: Pulped natural & Washed
PROFILE: Aroma: Dark chocolate, molasses  Taste: Bittersweet chocolate, dark caramel  Mouth feel: Creamy, rich  Finish: Roasted nut 

Global Village Espresso

REGION: Caldas, Colombia, Cerrado, Brazil, and Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea
FARMS: Co-op Anserma, Madan Estate & Daterra Estate
VARIETAL: Castillo, Bourbon, Blue Mountain
PROCESS: Washed & Natural
PROFILE: Aroma: Smoky  Taste: Dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow  Mouth feel: Heavy, full body  Finish: Easy, dried fruit, clean


Daterra Estate Decaf

REGION: Cerrado, Brazil
FARMS: Daterra Estate
PROCESS: Washed 
PROFILE: Aroma: Caramel  Taste: Dark chocolate, buttery, caramelized sugar  Mouth feel: Full body  Finish: Clean