Our Environmental Initiatives
Since 1991, we have made environmental responsibility part of our every day mission.  A lot has changed in our world since then… new information, new ideas, and a new urgency informs us all.  

Our Coffee 
We choose our coffee for so many good reasons. We seek out farms where environmental sustainability is practiced. We look for a variety of certifications and criteria for our coffee, including  Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, ethically traded, and Shade Grown. We establish direct trade with farmers to help improve communities where coffee is grown. 


Commercially Compostable Cups 
We proudly use fully compostable paper coffee cups and hot food containers! Our paper coffee and hot food cups are made from renewable tree and plant resources and can be completely composted in commercial composting facilities. We are ready for our communities and municipalities to make commercial composting services available to all!  While we work together to make this happen, let us pour you a fresh cup of coffee in our compostable cup.

Composting Coffee Grounds 
Want to rev up your compost pile?  We have just the thing to activate (or caffeinate) your compost!  Take home some Good Earth coffee grounds to add to your compost, and your garden.  Ask about coffee grounds for composting at any Good Earth location.

Less Waste 
We keep packaging to a minimum at Good Earth.  We look for recycled content, recyclability, compostability, and minimizing impact when making packaging choices. 

Travel Mugs
Did you know if you bring in your own travel mug, we’ll fill it with your favorite coffee or espresso drink for the price of a small?  Don’t have a good mug, don’t worry.  We have a variety of travel mugs for you to choose from on your next visit to Good Earth!

Paper Products from SCA Tissue 
SCA Tissue (www.scatissue.com) provides all Good Earth Coffeehouses with 100% recycled napkins, bathroom tissue, and hand towels. By choosing SCA's EcoLogo-certified products, Good Earth has saved 564,603 gallons of water, 255 cubic yards of landfill space, 330,696 kilowatts of energy, 244,490 gallons of oil, 4,4480 lbs. of air pollutants and nearly 1,371 trees.

SCA Tissue is "process and elemental chlorine-free". They do not use chlorine to make their products. Chlorine-free products help reduce the presence of dioxins in the water system, thereby improving water habitats.

Nature Conservancy of Canada – Partnership
Since 2011, Good Earth Coffeehouse has been springing into action for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).  The Nature Conservancy of Canada protects areas of natural diversity for their intrinsic value and for the benefit of our children and future generations.  NCC’s mission is to lead innovate, and use creativity in the conservation of Canada’s natural heritage.