Rwanda Isimbi

We're excited to share our new feature coffee with you: Isimbi, our exclusive single origin from Rwanda.

About this Coffee
Isimbi blend is inspired by its namesake, the Kinyarwanda word for the white at the top of a volcano that's also used to refer to something pure.

Rwanda Isimbi is a Rainforest Alliance Certified, exclusive single-origin bourbon coffee bean, washed and given a light roast.

Flavour Profile
Aroma: Baking spices
Taste: Raisin, black tea, sweet
Mouth Feel: Creamy
Finish: Clean


About Rwanda Isimbi
Isimbi is part of the Sucafina Rwanda line of coffee. Sucafina, together with sustainability partner Kahawatu Foundation, invests heavily in farmer training and good agricultural practices. Their Farmer Field School shares information with farmers about best agricultural practices, conservation tactics, the importance of picking only ripe cherries, and more. The organization also focuses on improving the financial situation of the farmers with whom they work, and share annual bonuses when the coffee is sold. 

Coffee in Rwanda
Coffee has been grown in Rwanda since the early 1900s, reaching largescale production in the 1930s and 1940s. By 1970 coffee was the single largest export in Rwanda, accounting for over 70% of export revenue. Coffee became so important to Rwanda that in 1973, it became illegal to tear a coffee tree out of the ground. Between 1983 and 1993, the breakdown of the International Coffee Agreement caused global prices to plummet. Rwanda took a hard hit from the low coffee prices, and, along with the 1994 genocide and its aftermath, led to a complete collapse of coffee exports.

Despite this, the incredible resilience of the Rwandan people has been seen in the coffee industry's dramatic recovery. New initiatives to equip women with the knowledge and tools they need to run their own coffee farms is changing the way women see themselves and how they interact with the world around them. And a focus on smallholder farms has changed the coffee industry – and coffee quality. There are no more large estates. Most coffee is grown by 400,000+ smallholders, who own less than a quarter of a hectare each. Quality is valued, with the marjority of coffee comprised of Arabica, bourbon coffee. The result is an improved economy for Rwanda, and an improved cup of coffee for you.

Come pick up a bag, and find out for yourself what makes this coffee so good!