Our winter feature coffee is truly special, and we are so pleased to offer it to you.

To begin with, it is delicious. Burundi Women's Coffee is an excellent example of the coffee Burundi farmers have to offer. Sipping this coffee reminded us of a chocolate bar with dried fruit and nuts, but we don’t know if such a chocolate bar exists!

More amazing is the story of the Burundi Women's Coffee. In 2019, Angèle Ciza, a Burundi coffee grower, partnered with Phyllis Johnson, a coffee importer and established a social partnership to combat poverty and support women's coffees in Burundi. 


Through her vision, leadership, and perseverance, the Burundi Women’s Coffee was born. Her diligent work has brought about gender equality in Burundi coffee growing communities and uplifted thousands of farmers.

Angèle Ciza is a source of inspiration for all coffee growers, most especially women.

Ciza is awake to new opportunities that grow her business to benefit Burundi coffee growers.  From offering scholarship programs to pay for school fees for young girls to partnering with buyers to build sustainability programs for farmers, Ciza is changing coffee growing for the better.

You can be part of this change and support gender equality in Burundi. Purchase your Burundi Women’s Coffee - available only at Good Earth Coffeehouses - while supplies last.

Cup Characteristics:
: Floral
Taste: Juicy stone fruit, milk chocolate
Mouth Feel: Creamy, smooth
Finish: Balanced Sweetness & clean finish

Origin & Processing:
: Burundi
Region: Kirundo
Co-op: Rotheca Women’s Coffees
Varietals: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Certifications: Direct Trade, Single Origin, Exclusive