Summer is here, and so are our new summer Drinks! Come find your new favourite today.  

CocoMocha Cold Brew Frappe

A blended perfection of Craft Cold Brew, coconut syrup and chocolate. Topped with whipped cream, coconut and cocoa sprinkle (optional).  

CocoMocha Cold Brew

Our Craft Cold Brew sweetened with coconut and chocolate, with a splash of cream. ​

Lavender Lemonade Tea

House-made lemonade and organic breakfast tea, sweetened with lavender syrup, garnished with lemon.

Tropical Tea

Tropical fruit juices and African Nectar rooibos tea, mingled with house-made lemonade.

Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer

House-made lemonade and crushed strawberries sweetened with a hint of lavender, topped up with sparkling water and fresh strawberries.